Sort Mania

main1 - no buttonsGroup marbles by color by dragging them with your fingers!

This is my first Android game.

Get it on Google Play or download the .apk here.

The object of the game sort initially disordered marbles, into tidy groups of the same color. There are two modes to chose from: timed (symbolized by the stopwatch) or maximum move count (symbolized by the hash sign). Check out a demo on youtube.

To start playing, simply tap one of the two mode  icons in the start screen.
The list of levels will be shown and you can tap the level you want to play.

In the game, put your finger on a marble and drag it to where you want to move it. You can use multiple fingers to drag more marbles quickly. As time or moves progress, a colored background indicator lets you know how much you have left.

When you pass the level, your score (time or number of moves) is shown. You can tap the trophy to look at your best scores (stored locally). Some levels also have a little earth icon in the top left. By pressing it you can access the global Google Play learderboards if you sign in with Google+. The results screen also shows the stars you have earned. Tapping a star explains how it was awarded and what to do to get the next star. You can replay the level as is by pressing it’s number in the top left or replay the level in the alternate mode (timed or move count) by taping the appropriate icon on the bottom, left of center.

The options menu (bottom left from the start screen) gives you access to the following:

  • sound on/off.
  • color blind friendly mode on/off.
  • easy/hard mode: easy mode simply unlocks levels after 5 failed attempts.
  • reset of local settings: this will wipe all the local history, progress and settings.
  • Google+ sign in: to access the leaderboards.


2 thoughts on “Sort Mania

  1. Is it possible to get the App from your homepage directly?

    When I use the download link, I am requested to sign in for a google account. In this case I have to accept that my data are transmitted to the USA according to the Safe Harbour Agreement. I don’t want to do this because of the fact that the members of the EU parliament decided that this is shit and want to cancel Safe Harbour.

    Because of the NSA affair there is a recomendation not to use american services.

    M. Dittmer

    1. Thanks for pointing this out.
      Unfortunately, I’m travelling at the moment and don’t have easy access to the apk.
      I’ll link it from this page in about 10 days.

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